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Alco-Max Digital Breathalyser

ALCOT5568  product stars

Alco-Max Digital Breathalyser Summary

After a five-second exhaling breath, the Alco-Max breathalyzer delivers accurate results in four to five seconds. Its one-button design is easy to use, and an ABS impact-resistant exterior protects the device against any interference. An integrated digital screen displays results ranging from 0 to 0.40 blood alcohol concentration.

  • Quick and accurate results four to five seconds after sample is given
  • No mouth pieces required
  • Easy, one-button operation
  • ABS impact-resistant exterior
  • Warms up in 15–60 seconds
  • Electronic airflow sensor
  • 0.00–0.40% BAC (blood alcohol concentration)
  • BAC sensor accuracy
  • Semiconductor sensor with two-digit display for accuracy
  • Operates on two AA batteries (not included)

Please drive responsibly. The breathalyzer only provides a reading, do not rely on it's accuracy to drink-and-drive. Alcohol effects everyone differently. Drinking and driving is never wise; and it is always recommended to drive completely unimpaired from alcohol consumption. We assume no liability whatsoever from your purchase of this device and then drinking-and-driving or any other behaviour. Thank you for being responsible.
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