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6-Piece German Stainless Steel Knife Set w/Block

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6-Piece German Stainless Steel Knife Set w/Block Summary

Make the cut with this top of the line 6-Piece Knife Set with a stylish black, wooden block for your kitchen;
at a price that will most definitely please. Not merely for show, these knives will be your trusty tools for daily
meal preparation and culinary experimentation. The set includes ergonomic handled knives with a strong
stainless steel blade and are available in a range of three colours: Black, Red and Green!

-High Quality Blades
-TPR Handle
- 8" Chef's Knife
- 8" Bread Knife
- 8" Carving Knife
- 4.5" Utility Knife
- 3.5" Paring Knife
- Top Quality, Sleek Finish Black Wooden Block

A perfect gift or simply to brighten up your kitchen, overall this knife set is a must have!

Colours are subject to availability. MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE TO PURCHASE. PROOF OF AGE MAY BE REQUIRED. 

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